Khem Sok

Software Engineer

Highly skilled in multitude of different stack. Have a passion for learning and creating.

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Who am I?
I'm Khem Sok and I'm a Software Engineer

I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Computer Engineering. During my time at Penn State, I enjoy learning about various stacks which allows me to be well-versed in many different fields of tech. I am currently working at DuPont and my role allows me to be at the forefront of helping businesses across DuPont to increase revenue with the usage of data.

Here are some technologies I am well-versed in:












Database Design


Professional Timeline
What I've Done

Jan 2019 - Present

Software Engineer - DuPont

My role at DuPont is unique as it allows me to have the opportunities to work on various stack and utilize my flexible skillset. I contribute majorly with Data Engineering, Machine Learning as well as Full Stack Development. I am an asset to every team as my knowledge based are sound.

2014 - 2018

Student - Pennsylvania State University

I studied computer engineering at Penn State. During my time there, I held various teacher assistant positions for a multitude of different computer science courses, helping students with homeworks/projects as well as professors to create and design curriculum from semester to semesters. #WEARE


If you would like to say hello or discuss business opportunities, please feel free to reach out to me via email with the button below.

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